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    Accounts Receivable Financing 
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    Accounts Receivable Management 
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    Credit and Collection Services 

Financial Solutions for Emerging Businesses.

Capital-Plus, Inc. is a professional financial services company committed to helping our clients achieve profitable growth and financial stability via accounts receivable financing and management.

Often termed Factoring, Receivable Financing and Management is the fastest, most flexible form of financing available. CPI offers a variety of flexible programs, specifically tailored to the needs of our clients, ranging from a complete financial package to short-term solutions.

  • A Complete Financial Package combining credit protection and assistance, receivable bookkeeping and reporting, professional collection services and support, and access to an unlimited line of credit via advances against the receivable portfolio.
  • A Short-Term Financing Solution providing additional working capital to accomplish very specific goals, i.e. an acquisition, buyout, seasonal demand, and/or rapid growth.

CPI clients benefit from improved cash flow, reduced bad debt write-offs, increased receivable turnover, reduced overhead, and an improved working capital position. CPI removes the hassles of balancing cash flow and managing receivables, allowing our clients time to focus on developing and enhancing their business.

Whether the client’s needs are for payroll, financing a large order, or simply a temporary cash squeeze, Capital-Plus can respond quickly. Our management team has more than sixty years of combined financial experience with emphasis on accounts receivable management.

I started my business as I was dissolving another business. My credit was damaged, and my bank account was empty. In order to make my business (or any business for that matter) viable, I needed cash flow. I didn’t need much investment money, but I DID need cash flow after each job to keep my employees paid, and the lights on. My strategy was to focus on residential customers, as those jobs were COD. My problem, though, was that I was bringing with me a substantial commercial client base, who is used to paying in 30-45 days. The only way to make this work was to factor their Invoices. As time went on, we were able to secure even more commercial business. I could not have done this without Capital Plus. Not only did they work with me on credit lines with each individual client, they ran credit checks on each client, analyzed the creditworthiness of each client with me, AND handled all of my accounts receivable management. They sent out monthly statements, made calls to our late payors, etc. I was with Capital Plus for a total of 9 years, until we/I were in the position to finally secure conventional financing through the bank, a position I could not have leveraged without the help of Capital Plus. It was a bittersweet ending, as the staff at Capital Plus became part of our staff. Thanks a million Capital Plus for helping with our company’s growth and success! ~ Daniel R. Dragin – All American Moving & Storage

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Accounts Receivable Financing
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Accounts Receivable Management
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Credit Collection Services
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Why Us?

  • Quick Approval Process
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